Up Coming Events


4th November- Clear round SJ day (times available all day)
12th November - Natters 'N' Nags 10am-12pm
12th November - Stable Management 5-6.30pm

3rd December - Natters 'N' Nags 10am-12pm
3rd December - Stable Management 5-6.30pm
9th December- Clear round SJ day
20th December- Christmas Party Day 10-3pm
24th December- Christmas Jingle Ride 10-12pm
28th December- Post Christmas Blues 10-12pm

Stable Management is £10 a session or £15 for two.

Natters 'N' Nags £15

Half day rides £20

Showjumping & own a pony day £40, a £10 deposit is required for these.

Please contact us to find out more information or to book on.

What are the events

Showjumping Day
The day will consist of;
Designing and building your own course.
A show jumping master class 

And lots of jumping

Clear round Showjumping/Training Day
Come along and jump a course of jumps and receive friendly feedback before jumping the course again.
The jumps can be changed to whatever height you and your horse would like to do.
This day is designed for those with their own horse, however there is a limited availability to hire GLH Riding Academy ponies so prompt booking is recommended.
£10 for half hour use of the school, discount for those who have more than 1.

Natters ‘N’ Nags
Where adults can get together for a ride and a coffee. A chance to chat with friends new & old and boost each others confidence.
It will involve an hour lesson and followed by a coffee.
We will be holding these mornings on a regular basis and open to ideas.
Price: £15 a horse (We have limited availability to hire GLH Riding Academy horses at an additional charge, please contact to discuss this option)

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Wetherden Cottage

Wetherden Road



IP14 3RE 

T: 07886 791925